Myths and Facts

Myth: Egg Yolks should be avoided!

Fact: We have always been advised to cut back on whole eggs because yolks are high in cholesterol, which drives heart disease. However, cholesterol in diet has remarkably little effect on cholesterol in blood. Contrary to popular belief, consumption of whole egg can be good for health. Studies have shown that egg raise ‘good’ cholesterol and don’t raise risk of Heart disease.  Whole eggs are amongst the most nutritious food.

Myth: Vitamin tablets give you all the nutrients!

Fact: No, it’s not that easy! Though vitamin supplements can be useful for some people as make- up when the diet is inadequate. Supplements cannot give you adequate quantity of macronutrients like carbohydrates, fat, protein and fibre to meet your every day needs. That’s why a balanced diet is the best way to get all the macronutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Myth:  Avoid consumption of ghee for healthy diet!

Fact: You will be happy to know that Desi Ghee or clarified butter often blamed for obesity and heart disease is actually a power food. It is rich in oil-soluble vitamins and conjugate Linoleic acid that aids weight-loss and has many health benefits such as combating cancer, lowering hypertension and boosting immunity. When eaten in moderate amounts, ghee can actually strengthen your immune system and digestive system. Moderation is the Key!

Myth: Eating several smaller meals a day boots ones metabolism!

Fact: Eating smaller meals alone will not boost your metabolism. It is important not to skip meals and to eat at least 3 meals each day to get the nutrients your body needs. Exercise is still the best way to boost metabolism.